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Slice Pizza? 420 Pizza? 420 Slice? What’s in a name?

420 Pizza? 420 Slice? What’s in a name?  Well in our case, it is a lot actually!

From the very beginning, we knew we were going to raise more than just eyebrows with a name like Slice420.  We have fielded endless questions like “is there Colorado ‘product’ on your pizza (wink-wink),” to “is this pizza safe for my kids to eat?” We’ve heard them all.  We have even navigated our fair share of criticism over our name choice, but through it all, we knew we had chosen the name that would define us outside of the more mainstream definition.

While Slice420 is a play on words that pays tribute to all the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer. It also acknowledges the miracle medication that has literally saved our little Sofia’s life! So, while the name may be infused with a certain connotation, the only thing added to our food is love and support for our local community.

For us, “Slice420” starts a conversation, the name is a chance to share our story and our heart, while displaying gratitude to the Colorado community for giving us medical freedom.  Don’t get us wrong, we love a great Cheech and Chong quote as much as the next guy and we get a great belly laugh when asked if we deliver rolling papers with our pies; but at the end of the day our name is a serious homage to a seriously misunderstood plant!

Our family knows that we are not alone in this journey, in fact we have formed some pretty incredible relationships with American Medical Refugees who have stories similar to ours.  Our pizzeria has given us endless opportunity to connect to these beautiful, wonderful, and brave people who uprooted their families and moved to Colorado to give their loved one with special needs a fighting chance at life too.  Slice420 gives us an ability to not only serve the community with the BEST pizza in Colorado Springs, but also gives us a chance to support our Supporters and to offer courage to other families in search of a miracle.

So is a name really that important, we certainly think so! And with that, we would LOVE to remind everyone that our name is Slice420…NOT 420Slice, or 420 Pizza. Slice420 Pizza With a Mission!

We serve the BEST pizza in Colorado Springs and it’s the ONLY pizza with a mission!