Things To Do In Colorado Springs

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If you’re new in town or visiting from out of town, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a few interesting things to do in Colorado Springs during your time here. This city is rich in history, natural landscapes, and experiences that will blow your hair back, and it’ll take a long time to see and do it all. Check out some of the best offerings that our great city has, and don’t forget to grab a slice of Old Colorado City pizza while you’re here!

Best Sights in Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods

One of the most stunning natural areas in the nation, the Garden of the Gods is just north of Old Colorado City and boasts an unparalleled landscape of wide-open skies and unique rock formations. This is the epic photoshoot you’ve been waiting for!

Manitou Springs

This small resort town has breathtaking mountain peaks and dwellings built into ancient cliff structures. Art galleries, shopping, and special boutiques make Manitou Springs one of the most popular places to walk around and enjoy the view at a leisurely pace.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is the #4 best zoo in the nation is home to an abundance of beautiful animals and other creatures from various parts of the world. Mirroring the natural habitats from their corresponding countries, you can witness African elephants, hippopotamus, tigers, giraffes, bears, snakes, swarms of birds, and more.

Pikes Peak Highway

Pikes Peak is the highest you can get on the southern Front Range of the Rockies, and at 14,115 feet, it’s nothing to shake a stick at! The Pikes Peak Highway drapes its smooth curves and thrilling switchbacks across the landscape of this high-altitude, 19-mile toll road for unimaginable views and photo opportunities.

Best Experiences in Colorado Springs

Whitewater Rafting

A bucket list item for people all across the world, whitewater rafting is a unique experience where you have the chance to team up with friends and family to battle nature’s mighty rapids on an adventure down the Arkansas River. If you’re a true lover of the outdoors, this is the thrill for you. Be ready to get soaked!

Scenic Zip-Lining

It’s basically flying. This jaw-dropping thrill of a lifetime is offered by several operators and set in the Front Range hills where you’ll zip along a line at an altitude of 6,500 feet. Witness the majestic scenery of the Colorado Springs area firsthand and cross another item off of your bucket list.

Gift & Antique Shopping

If you’re looking for a more calm experience where you can go at your own leisure, Colorado Springs has numerous shops and unique antique boutiques where you can find just about anything to add to your home decor.

Craft Beer & Distillery Tastings

Once you work up a thirst from all the adventure, stop by one of the area’s many craft beer breweries or distilleries for local tastings and good company. Learn how brewing and distilling are done and pick out a bottle of something special to take home. Don’t fill up too fast, though, because Old Colorado City pizza is just around the corner.

Best Pizza in Colorado Springs

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