Slice420 Careers

Slice420 in BEAUTIFUL Colorado Springs, Colorado is seeking restaurant professionals to join our growing team! We specialize in New York pizza and have been voted #1 for the BEST pizza in Colorado Springs 3 years in row! We have positions ranging from management to pizza delivery jobs right here in Colorado Springs. Slice420 is passionate about helping our TEAM grow into their BEST selves, personally and professionally and we are enthusiastically building up the BEST of the BEST in the world of ‘ZA!!

We work VERY hard but we also have a LOT of fun too! We offer competitive wages with opportunity for professional growth, benefits packages and even opportunities to travel and compete in various Pizza Expos and competitions.  We do not prescribe to the philosophy that the “customer is always right” instead we live by “The Customer should ALWAYS be Happy”

We LOVE our pizza family and strive to cultivate a fun & rewarding work environment that supports our mission and our families. If you are looking for any pizza industry position, including delivery jobs, and think you might be a great fit, please fill out the form below to apply for employment!