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Pizza News

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
Oro Blanco Order New York Style Pizza Online

Pizza Catering in Colorado Springs

We haven’t run into many people who don’t like pizza, and now that much of our world is beginning to open back up, Slice420 is ready to offer the best pizza in Colorado Springs on a larger scale. Many people are itching to get out and enjoy some of the activities that have been on hold for the last several months, and catering companies in Colorado Springs such as Slice420 have a lot to offer for your favorite events. We are excited to partner up with you for birthday party catering as well as wedding catering in Colorado Springs, but we’re also thinking ahead to next year when graduation catering and Super Bowl catering will be of the utmost importance!

Bringing the Charm of a quick slice of New York pizza to Colorado Springs

Pizza cooked to perfection in coal ovens is a staple of New York City culture, and as the city’s oldest pizza places can attest, the crusade to find the finest pizza is a goal that many New Yorkers share. Back in the early 20th century, you couldn’t order pizza by the slice but instead had to buy the whole pie if you wanted to sink your teeth into the familiar blend of sauce, cheese, and doughy goodness. That all changed around 1934 when new gas-fired ovens were introduced to the market, enabling pizza to be reheated without getting too tough or chewy. This changed the pizza industry drastically, as hungry patrons could grab a slice on the go and enjoy a mouthwatering ensemble of flavors without committing to (or pigging out on) an entire pizza themselves.

Is New York Style Pizza the Best?

Let’s start with the obvious…HUGE slices (yes size does matter in this case-LOL) New York pizza pies are traditionally cooked in sizes of 18” or larger and are offered by the slice, with pies cut into six slices vs. eight those are some pallet pleasing slices that satisfy the most Hangry among us!.  Of course, if you are going to grab a slice on the go, the crust of a New York slice is arguably the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of the pie!  The thick and crispy outer edge gives way to a thin, soft and pliable middle, The slice must crackle and give gently as you fold it, BUT never crack or split, making it a delight that is easy to transport.

420 Pizza? 420 Slice? What’s in a name?

From the very beginning, we knew we were going to raise more than just eyebrows with a name like Slice420. We have fielded endless questions like “is there Colorado ‘product’ on your pizza (wink-wink),” to “is this pizza safe for my kids to eat?” We’ve heard them all. We have even navigated our fair share of criticism over our name choice, but through it all, we knew we had chosen the name that would define us outside of the more mainstream definition.

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
Oro Blanco Order New York Style Pizza Online