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Bringing the Charm of a quick slice of New York pizza to Colorado Springs

Pizza cooked to perfection in coal ovens is a staple of New York City culture, and as the city’s oldest pizza places can attest, the crusade to find the finest pizza is a goal that many New Yorkers share. Back in the early 20th century, you couldn’t order pizza by the slice but instead had to buy the whole pie if you wanted to sink your teeth into the familiar blend of sauce, cheese, and doughy goodness. That all changed around 1934 when new gas-fired ovens were introduced to the market, enabling pizza to be reheated without getting too tough or chewy. This changed the pizza industry drastically, as hungry patrons could grab a slice on the go and enjoy a mouthwatering ensemble of flavors without committing to (or pigging out on) an entire pizza themselves.

The concept of pizza by the slice may have been born in NYC, but it has become a popular way to enjoy pizza all over the United States. At Slice420, we continue to be obsessed with the authentic charm that comes with New York-style pizza, and we want our customers here in Colorado Springs to experience that charm with every bite. Our Old Colorado City pizza is rated as the best pizza in Colorado Springs by many, and we’re thrilled to share such a unique recipe with our community.

When you only have a few minutes for lunch, our Old Colorado City pizza is a convenient choice that will leave you feeling satisfied. We have a wide variety of slices waiting to be snatched up, so feel free to try something new every day! If you’ve got a craving for pizza by the slice in Colorado Springs, or are looking for authentic NY style pizza delivery, call us now or order online. You won’t have to wait long to experience the best pizza in Colorado Springs.