About Us

Our story began in Lantana, Florida where my wife Stefany and I owned a successful pizzeria that I started in 2010. A Bronx Tale was our pride and joy and having grown up making authentic New York pizza in NYC, I was eager to share the recipe with my new community. But when Stefany and I welcomed our third child in 2013, we were faced with a decision that required a leap of faith.

Our daughter Sofia was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy at just 6 weeks old and suffered up to a hundred seizures each day. This meant a heavy dependency on pharmaceuticals to keep her stable, and we knew that there had to be a better solution to improve her quality of life.

Due to restrictions on alternative medicines in Florida and most of the United States, we decided to move to Colorado where we could legally obtain the medicine that Sophia needed, and the difference we saw in her was monumental. Her daily seizures decreased to 2 or 3 and she now has a zest for life that we have never seen before!

We opened Slice420 in September of 2017 with a mission to help American Medical Refugees like us find support, and though our pizzeria we’ve been able to raise awareness and donate to causes and agencies that provide solutions for families with special needs children.

Our locally renowned chef, Oliver, completes our team and brings a wealth of worldly experience to our table. Classically trained in Paris, France, Oliver moved to Colorado Springs in 1999 and has worked his magic in both New York and Los Angeles. His passion for crafting pastries has added an invaluable asset to the Slice420 brand, and together we pursue our mission of making authentic New York Pizza and helping others find support when it comes to alternative medicine.