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Are you looking for pizza that uses premium ingredients, but still maintains the authentic New York style?

All of Slice420’s pizza by the slice in Colorado Springs is cooked and baked following traditional methods and ingredients, while still having all the things we love about New York-style pizza: hand-tossed dough that bakes into a thin and crispy edge, and foldable, and an elastic center that holds the toppings perfectly.

Besides getting that perfectly balanced mix of ingredients cooked to perfection, you will also be pleased by the premium toppings we have chosen for you. We are proud to say that so many people call us the best pizza in Colorado Springs, and we work hard to earn this title.

Special meats and cheeses that take time and artisanry to achieve are carefully paired with the other toppings on our gourmet pizza. We use cold-pressed olive oil for our bases and a special mix of hard cheeses that melts to perfection. All ingredients are fresh and authentic.

You can select our pizza varieties with locally made sopressata, a lovely cured Italian salami, cheeses like burrata, home-made blue cheese, fresh ricotta and mozzarella, creamy feta, and raw prosciutto, and add your own toppings from a long list of fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Where Can I Find Gourmet Pizza Near Me?

Our Old Colorado City pizza restaurant is located on Colorado Avenue and it’s easy to reach from both the Northern and Southern Districts. But you don’t have to pay a visit necessarily, as our NY style pizza delivery service is ready to bring the gourmet goodness straight to your door, still steaming and with friendly service.

Order Your Gourmet Pizza Now

For Gourmet pizza delivery, call 719-368-6977 now or order online and we promise a delicious experience every time!

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
Oro Blanco Order New York Style Pizza Online