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Is New York Style Pizza the Best?

Is New York Style Pizza really the best? Well, not to sound like a pizza snob or anything, but in one word YES!

The real question is what makes New York Style pizza so unique?  

Let’s start with the obvious…HUGE slices (yes size does matter in this case-LOL) New York pizza pies are traditionally cooked in sizes of 18” or larger and are offered by the slice, with pies cut into six slices vs. eight those are some pallet pleasing slices that satisfy the most Hangry among us!.  Of course, if you are going to grab a slice on the go, the crust of a New York slice is arguably the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of the pie!  The thick and crispy outer edge gives way to a thin, soft and pliable middle, The slice must crackle and give gently as you fold it, BUT never crack or split, making it a delight that is easy to transport.

At Slice 420 we think the “regular” slice is always the BEST way to judge a pie…it will give you the chance to experience the quality of a pizzerias crust, sauce and cheese which are truly the canvas of any beautiful work of Pizza Art.

Our time-tested sauce can rival that of any New York slice from coast to coast! With a slightly sweet and aromatic sauce using just 4 ingredients, your taste buds will be delighted but not overpowered!  We NEVER skimp on the cheese!  Slice420 uses only the finest cheese from Grande to top our pies!  Traditionally cheese pies are not buried in gratuitous amounts of cheese, but instead cheese is applied sparingly, with small bits of sauce dropped on top, in order to achieve the perfect melt of cheese mottled with red, white, and brown after cooking!  You’ll experience a mouthwatering cheese pull without losing that cheesy goodness to the sidewalk!

At Slice420 we take a LOT of pride in our regular New York slice, and we know it will be Love at first bite as you are transported to the streets of New York.