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Why Mission Matters

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
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We believe that as a business we have an obligation to serve our customers and those around us in every way that we can. It isn’t just about the food we sell or having the best pizza in Colorado Springs, but it’s about the heart and soul that goes into our work, and the motivation we receive from our faith, our trust, and our people. We want to share our passion with you and give you the opportunity to understand why pizza with a mission is so important to us. Slice420 exists to bring NY style pizza delivery and dine-in to our community of Colorado Springs, but also to share our dedication and commitment to the pursuit of alternative medicine. We are motivated to do this because of our daughter, and we can do this because of our faith in Jesus Christ. Through our humble pizzeria, we strive to show our community what it means to glorify God and provide a beacon of hope for families with special needs children. Pizza with a mission means that we can’t be afraid to showcase our faith. We feel called to help others through God’s grace, and that means setting aside our fears and confidently declaring our dedication to His work.

Our Inspiration

In 2013 when our daughter Sofia was just six weeks old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. This was devastating for us. As parents, you want the very best for your children and you’ll do anything to give them a happy and healthy life. For us, this meant relying on our faith in God and praying for His mercy and direction. At the time, my wife would spend 2-3 weeks in the hospital with Sofia and it was heartbreaking for us to see her struggle. We knew that there was a better way to increase her quality of life than traditional pharmaceuticals, so we relocated from Florida to Colorado Springs in the pursuit of natural solutions. It has been a long battle, but through our faith and commitment, God has created peace for Sofia, and we feel so humbled by His guidance.

In January 2021, Sofia was recovering from her fourth hip surgery, and to our astonishment, she was able to stand for the first time in two years. She has continued to be an inspiration for us and fuel our pizza with a mission mentality. It’s because of Sofia that our goal is to bring hope, faith, and encouragement to others who endure similar situations and show them what God has done in our lives.

Our Community

With the momentum gained through our faith and inspiration, we strive to help others in our community feel supported and loved regardless of the personal issues they are dealing with. Without the generosity of others, we wouldn’t be who we are today, and for that reason, we are proud to give back to our community by offering patience, prayer, and, of course, PIZZA. Whether we’re donating hot dishes to events for the homeless, praying with those who need help, or just showing constant love to our neighbors, we believe that we can encourage others to do the same and achieve a more loving and caring world.

Pizza by the Slice in Colorado Springs

That’s our story, and we would love to hear yours. Pizza with a mission is how we connect with our community and offer the best pizza in Colorado Springs. If you’re craving Old Colorado City pizza or NY style pizza delivery, give us a call now or stop by in person for mission-driven pizza by the slice in Colorado Springs.

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
Oro Blanco Order New York Style Pizza Online