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3725 Oro Blanco Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

The best pizza in Colorado Springs is coming to the east side of town. We’re proud to announce a second location on Oro Blanco and North Carefree at 3725 Oro Blanco Drive open now, making our mouthwatering New York style pizza more accessible to those in East Colorado Springs. While we’ll still be serving the same pizza, salads, and starters you love, this location will be much more spacious with more seating and a full bar! Additionally, we’ve worked to make it 100 percent wheelchair accessible so the restaurant is more inviting to the whole community.

Roadside view of new Slice420 pizza location in Oro Blanco

This second location helps further our goal of bringing Colorado Spring’s best pizza to all the people of the city. Slice420 has been featured in numerous “best of” lists from trusted sources in local news like The Gazette  and Best of the Springs and this excellence in quality and customer service will now be close buy those who have been driving across town.

So what makes the best pizza in Colorado Springs? Let’s start with the obvious – size. New York style pizza is typically cooked in sizes 18 inches and bigger and sold by the slice, meaning you won’t need a whole pie to satisfy your appetite (but we do offer full pies for the hangriest among you). With how big the slices are the crust is arguably the most important aspect – nobody likes a droopy pizza slice – and our thick and crispy crust has a crispy outer edge that gives way to a thin and pliable middle to ensure it crackles and gently gives way as you fold it and enjoy. Moving on to arguably the second most important part of any good pizza, our time-tested sauce uses just 4 ingredients to achieve a sweet and aromatic that will delight your taste buds. Lastly, we NEVER skimp on cheese and use only the finest quality cheese perfected in Italy and made in the heart of America’s dairy land from Grande on all our pies. All these elements combine to make the best pizza in Colorado Springs and create the perfect canvas of melted cheese, sauce, and golden brown dough for toppings.  Whether you’re looking for full pies, a couple slices, or catering options in eastern Colorado Springs our new location will be the go-to for all your pizza cravings and needs.

Large wall mural of pizza chef and pizza pies with 2 adolescent children posing with Slice420 logo

We know that a great pizza, even one as good as ours, is nothing without excellent customer service. At Slice420, we’ll treat you and your family, well, like family. Our highly trained staff strives to give you the best restaurant experience whether you’re dining in or getting one of our pies delivered. While being able to offer the best pizza in Colorado Springs is great, we also take pride in our family friendly atmosphere and our mission to foster positive change with how alternative medicine is viewed (hence the 420 in our name).

We can’t wait to serve you at our new pizza location in Colorado Springs on the east side of town! We’ll see you there in August with Colorado Springs’ best pizza waiting for you.

Oro Blanco Order New York Style Pizza Online