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2501 W Colorado Ave #108, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

As you may know, we recently opened our second location – Slice 420 Oro Blanco – but we’d still like to take some time to show some love to our first location. After all, it’s thanks to the success of our first location that we’re able to open a second and make the best pizza in Colorado Springs more accessible to more members of the community.

Front of Slice 420 Pizzeria restaurant in Old Colorado City

The first Slice 420 location was established in 2017 as a family owned and operated restaurant and has remained so ever since. We noticed a significant lack of both NY style pizza delivery and pizza by the slice in Colorado Springs, and in setting out to amend these two issues we figured we might as well make the best pizza in Colorado Springs too! In addition to our mouthwatering NY style pizza we have a full menu of equally delicious appetizers, sandwiches, calzones, pizza rolls, salads, and, of course, deserts.

New York style pizza is simply the best. We don’t want to come off like total pizza snobs, but when you’ve been making the best pizza in Colorado Springs for a few years you’ve got to know something right? One of the main things that makes NY style pizza the best is the size. Contrary to popular belief, size does matter – when it comes to pizza – and New York style pizza comes in massive slices. NY style pies are traditionally cooked in sizes 18” or larger and because they’re so large they’re sold by the slice. But it’s not just the size of the slices that makes Slice 420’s New York style pizza the best pizza in Colorado Springs, the crust, time-tested sauce, and generous amounts of cheese all combine for a stellar pie. This makes Slice 420 the best place to order NY style pizza delivery and with our second location we’re excited to be able to offer delivery to more parts of the city!

The size of the slice demands a study crust, arguably making it the most important part of a New York style pizza. Our crust has thick and crispy edges on the outside which gradually give way to a thin, soft middle that’s pliable enough for you to fold and form to your liking so you can get the best bite possible. Despite its pliability, our crust will never crack or split so you can transport it easily. Made with just 4 ingredients, our sauce is slightly sweet and aromatic, leaving your tastebuds delighted! When it comes to cheese, we use only the finest Grande cheese straight from Italy on all our pies and each gets a perfect mixture of cheese and sauce so you can still have a mouthwatering cheese pull without big chunks coming off the slice. Although we make the best pizza in Colorado Springs, it’s so good that it’s been known to transport people right to the streets of New York with every bite. Our Old Colorado City pizza has been rated as the best in the city by many and we’ve always been appreciative of how much the community loves of unique recipes!

3 Pizza Chefs Preparing New York Style Pizza

In addition to making the best pizza in Colorado Springs and offering great NY style pizza delivery, we’ve always strived to make our first location the best experience for families as well. We’re family owned and operated and we try and instill a sense of family in all that we do here at our Old Colorado City pizza location, by providing an unforgettable experience to our customers and excellent service that makes you feel at home. The family we’ve created here also supports those who need it most. Since the beginning, we’ve included giving back to our community in our mission, donating thousands of dollars every year to a variety of medical organizations and nonprofits.

At Slice420, we like to say we serve pizza with a mission, and it all originated at this first location at 2501 West Colorado Avenue in Old Town Plaza. Come in an experience it yourself today!

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online