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Does Slice420 Use Grande Cheese?

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
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You can’t call yourself “the best New York style pizza in Colorado Springs” without using the best cheese in the business. “What cheese is that” you say? Well, it’s Grande Cheese. No, Starbucks hasn’t started making pizza coffee drinks. We’re talking about a cheese that’s only in the best of all Italian pies. Here at Slice420, we are committed to keeping the Italian pie authentic with only the freshest ingredients, and quite frankly, that cannot be done with any other cheese but Grande Cheese.

A Little History on Grande Cheese

In the small Sicilian village of Montelepre in 1891, founder Filippo Candela was born. His childhood was spent surrounded by rich agricultural pastures that inspired his most successful venture. In 1925, Filippo moved to the United States from post-war Italy and purchased an orchard and a dairy farm in Wisconsin.  Each morning, Grande Cheese’s dairy farms collect milk from Wisconsin cows that adhere to the standards established by the Producers Assuring Consumers of Excellence (PACE) program. That means that the animals are well cared for, and the environment is looked after at the same time.

Ask Around

New Yorkers are the hardest judges of pizza and one of the questions that they frequently ask us is “do you use Grande Cheese?” Knowing our New York roots, we’re proud to say YES! Combine that with our authentic sauce, love for the craft, and of course the freshest ingredients and you have Slice420 pizza! We’ve given that “home away from home” experience they’re looking for while also offering other gourmet pizza offerings for even the most adventurous of “foodies.”

It’s got pull!

Finally, a pizza has to have that satisfying “Cheese Pull” you’re looking for! Other cheeses can’t stand up to that pull, but Grande Cheese on a Slice420 pizza can. That first delicious bite, will draw crowd as it stretches from mouth to crust in a satisfying arch, signaling to others the deliciousness they’ve been craving. So, whether you’re just visiting, walking Old Colorado City for a slice, a local looking to try a new spot, or a fresh transplant and want that authentic New York style pizza with Grande Cheese delivered straight to your door; Slice420 has got what you need!

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
Oro Blanco Order New York Style Pizza Online