New To The Menu: Subs and Gyros On Tuesdays!

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You already know that when you’re in Colorado Springs, the BEST pizza you can get is at Slice420, but did you know that we offer much more than just pizza? Our menu includes salads, desserts, and sandwiches, and on Tuesdays we offer the best subs and gyros around! At Slice420, no matter what you order, you can be sure that you’re getting quality, mostly local, whole, and unprocessed ingredients. We also pride ourselves on providing an unforgettable dining experience with warm and welcoming service to everyone who comes in. We also give back to our community, which has continually supported us.

Slice420 Subs

The subs that we have on our menu are filled with the highest quality ingredients that give you mouthwatering bites every single time. The 50/50 Meatball Parm is a favorite among our staff and patrons alike. We start our meatballs with a perfect blend of angus beef and veal. Then we braise them in the oven for two full hours in our famous house-made sauce. The end result? The best Meatball Parm sub you’ve ever had.

Slice420 Gyro

If you’re still craving pizza but are over the slice of it all, why not try one of our pizzas in sandwich form – our take on the classic gyro and is sure to be the best gyro you’ve ever had. Our most ordered gyro is the Saint Genaro, and it’s a total crowd pleaser. It’s made with local Italian sausage, sweet, caramelized onions, and roasted red peppers that are sauteed in our house sauce. It’s absolute perfection.

Our Pizza Story

Christian’s pizza story began at the age of 12, when he first started making pizzas in New York. Fast forward to 2010 in Florida, where Christian and his wife Stefany opened a pizzeria called A Bronx Tale – an homage to Christian’s upbringing in the Big Apple, where he regularly made and enjoyed authentic New York pizza.

In 2013 they welcomed their third child, Sofia, and at just six weeks old, baby Sofia began having seizures. At the age of two, she was diagnosed with Quad Spastic Cerebral Palsy and would sometimes have upwards of 100 seizures a day. After years of trying to give her the best medical care possible, the family chose to uproot their lives and head west – to Colorado, where herbal and plant alternative medicines were available and legal and could hopefully save her life. Christian and Stefany are American Medical Refugees (AMR).

That’s where their pizza story turns into their vision and mission. They’re on a mission to not only make the best pizza in Colorado Springs and beyond, but they’re also on a mission to provide support and assistance to other AMRs through the AMR Foundation. With every slice, sub, gyro, salad, and dessert we sell, we contribute to our mission – which means when you dine with us, you’re helping AMRs too!

When you dine at Slice420, you’re not only getting the best New York-style pizza this side of the Mississippi, but you’re also supporting a local AMR family who’s part of your community too! Come join on on Tuesdays for our subs and gyros – and every other day of the week for the best pizza in town!

Old Colorado City Order New York Style Pizza Online
Oro Blanco Order New York Style Pizza Online